Saturday, 4 June 2011


Just sitting here,taking ever so small sips of coffee alternating with optifast, can't get over how full I feel after minimal fluids. How will I ever eat again?
Feel good today, was achey yesterday but tried to do a little more so that's probably it.
Going to venture out to the shops today and try and find a little more variety in the fluid line of things-I keep going over everyone's blogs to look for ideas.
I am on fluids till June 14th so can hardly wait.
I have had inner turmoil over who to tell about this phase of my life,  I have told 2 close friends and my immediate family only ,the GP that I work for knows and the nurse that I job share know the full  story.I am usually a really open person, so I feel a bit sneaky keeping this in,Oh well I am sure it will work out.Everyone else thinks I've just had a hernia repair which is true.
Well  I am still a newbie at this blog thing so any tips are welcome,it does feel good to get things down on paper though,
Oh yeah-I almost forgot,the scale has moved today after really not too much-1 kg down so about 6.5 kg down total-will have to try and get a ticker thingo  and decide a weigh in day.-my life is so busy!!-not-I am off work till the 15th June -and dare I say I am bored!! The trouble is I have no energy and feel exhausted everytime I attempt to do anything.
Ok so thats is for today-I will get a before photo and put it on here soon-Stay tune....

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