Friday, 17 June 2011

A Quickie..

I thought I would let you know how excited I was to see 15 followers! This is such a great support network and I'm starting to feel the love.

That was an interesting comment Cat, about how little it takes to feel satisfied, and has certainly will make me look differently at my eating, so thanks for that.

I have read nearly all your blogs from the beginning now, fantastic stories and advice, I was thinking the other day how little I would actually know(although my Dr is pretty good) if I didn't have the internet,It has made this road so much smoother.

Now a confession-I had 3 glasses of wine last night-definitely off the wagon, So this is something I need to keep under control and my aim is to have one glass and stop! I have to say though it may me feel really normal and I didn't have any of the nibblies which were also one of my bigger vices. But from now on I do need to focus on this.
I am sorry my camping picture didn't post yesterday,I will try again today,

I also was hugely constipated these last 2 days( aren't you glad you asked-Oh you didn't?)So need to keep an eye on that as well-had a very uncomfortable morning but all good now-My daughter is very happy about that-sick of me moaning etc.Do you all take extra fibre?

Well so much for a quickie-I had better go and do some housework-Yippee!


  1. Oh yes. Extra fiber for sure! I use the ultra fine clear stuff that disolves in water. I normally put some in my yogurt...heck I put it in everything. There is no such thing as being regular for me any more!

    I had 2 glasses of wine last night. I still am a drinker. Not everyday. Sometimes not even every week. But when I have a girls night I have what I want which is normally wine, vodka/clubs, dirty martinis!

  2. Heya Dani!
    Thanks so much for the encouragement this week. I had a tough little patch there but I'm feeling SOOOO much better. Funny you brought up the potty issue, it was proving a problem for me especially since it's been a while since I've eaten anything other than liquids. I resorted to an iced latte and have thankfully got things moving. I will obviously need to move onto something other than coffee for the future but it was a quick fix that I needed. Lol
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

  3. I don't really drink wine, but I do have the occasional vodka tonic. Don't let it get you down girl, just keep it in mind. This is life, and wine is part of life.

    I'm glad my comment rang something in you. That's what we're all here for, to get little nuggets from each other to keep us on our healthy path.

  4. Glad you're enjoying being part of the LB community. The women here are very supportive and willing to share their experiences. I think my journey would have been so much harder if I hadn't been able to tap into their collective knowledge and experience. Don't worry about the wine... put it down as a special treat, and don't feel guilty. Tomorrow is another day!

  5. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I found I got lots of followers once I started leaving lots of comments. It takes a lot of support out here in blogland and every little bit helps. Welcome to an amazing support system. You will not regret either the band or blogging.