Friday, 3 June 2011

I've done it!!!!

Well it's day 5 post lap band surgery, I still can't believe I actually did it.My feelings at the moment are so mixed up- I have no regrets but have to admit i'm in mourning for a decent meal. I'm not hungry but after years of eating to feel good,feel a little lost. I'm on fluids for another 10 days-then mushies for 2 weeks and then real food -very nervous about that-but lets not jump the gun.
But a little about me-I am 47 years old, Weighed in at my highest at about 118kg or 260 lbs. I am a registered nurse and currently working in General Practice-preaching to patients all day about lowering their cholesterol and BP etc.So you can imagine how I feel ,what a hypocrite! My own cholesterol is borderline, BP was high at pre-op consultation. My lower joints are aching and worst of all I have reflux which was so bad ,even on medication would wake me at night.I think I'm kinda lucky I don't have type 2 diabetes so far.My saving grace is I actually like working out and being active.
I also like drinking wine,and eating nibbles and having huge portions at mealtimes so this is why I am in mourning.
I  have 2 teenage children, who are svelte and active and i feel its finally time to do something for myself.My husband is very supportive, although when he was cooking that roast last week for the kids, that probably wasn't the word I was thinking of! I have a wardrobe full of clothes from sizes 18 to 22 and haven't been able to shop in normal size stores for ever-I can't even remember when.
For Christmas last year ,we gave the kids money and took them shopping in Melbourne-(one of Australia's bigger cities)-We had a great 3 days of shopping at the sales and eating out.But you know,underneath it all ,I was sad that once again, i could really only look at handbags and shoes That was really my aha moment when i thought enough is enough. I went to my GP and talked about it , she was so enthusiastic,that I even got the referral that day. It took me a month or two to make the appointment-April 7th and from then it was full steam ahead.I booked everything. Endoscopy on the 20th May showed a large hiatus hernia ,which my Dr said she could also fix  and I was sold!Meanwhile having booked my banding date May 31st I had already started the dreaded pre op optifast. I stuck to this religiously ,well except for 2 occasions-my son turned 18 and I just had to drink a couple of glasses of French Champagne, and then we had a wedding to go to,which I did eat the main meal-it was the best steak everrrrr!  So despite these breakdowns , I lost about 5.5 kg(12 lbs)-I did have an enormous pigout and lots of drinkies the Sunday before for my son's birthday.
I have read 100'sf blogs and have gained so much info from them and love the support you all seem to give each other and thought I would give it a shot.
Anyhow its time to go and drink something , so I'll catch you up later re my surgery day.

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