Tuesday, 14 June 2011

2 Weeks Down!!

So ,today i went for my 2 week post op check with the nurse. Had my Bp done,which is now normal, wounds checked and given the OK to move onto mushies-or the transition diet. Yeh! Feeling good,a little tired still, but actually looking forward to work tomorrow. Think it will be a long day but just need to get back to some kind of routine.

The only depressing thing about my appointment today was that the nurse had my preop weight from the hospital written down-108 kg when I knew I wasn't that low-more like 112 kg-so when I weighed and it was 109 kg-the nurse assumed I had put on weight-are you kidding me???? I have been on these bloody fluids forever, I was annoyed to say the least-I informed her the hospital scales were crap and she said she would have to check them. So now I feel stressed over the bloody numbers, and I'm telling myself-STOP, you are doing everything right by the book, and what annoys me as well-next time I will weigh in 2 weeks at their other rooms so who knows what that will show,AHHHH

Ok I'm done with my rant for now ,I am planning on some mushy vegies and mince for tea(we called it ground beef in Canada)-almost like a normal person- I will take some thick soup for lunch tomorrow, I know that I have always thrown my lunch down quickly at work and want to work up to full mushies there.
Only 2 people at work know about my band-everyone else thinks I have just had a hernia repair which is true.

I haven't been doing much walking- that will change tomorrow as I have a little walk at both ends of the day to and from the bus,so that is good as well.My gym is on hold for another couple of weeks, so must make myself get going .

Thinking of Jammy Dancer @ newtlesandwingdings.blogspot.com as she is being banded today.

I have added a picture of me and my long-suffering hubby..


  1. Hi Dani, congratulations on the mushy milestone! Lol...I know how hard it is to stay on fluids for soooooo long.

    this transitional stage is so hard, we still have plenty of room for all the wrong sorts of food, and we still feel heaps of hunger. Well, i did last time and do this time as well. But, the silver lining is that when the sweet spot is met, we don't feel hungry and our meal sizes are truly limited...can't wait!

    Anyway, good luck, enjoy your mushy meals,

  2. Isn't it lovely when you can have mushies!!

    In the beginning it is always a battle with numbers. At least with me. My piece of advice is this...things do start working the way you want them too. Just not right away. I let the scale determine my mood during bandster hell. So don't get too down! You are doing great!

  3. Great job Dani! Also congrats on mushies. It's a turning point for sure. I would also invest in a good scale for at home and only trust YOUR scale. Get one that measures body fat too, that's very helpful when you start exercising and it seems like the weight loss slows down. Keep up the good work!

  4. Yay for mushies! I about cried the morning I woke up and realized I didn't have to drink my meals. Glad you're feeling better, take it easy at work and remember to stay hydrated. :)

  5. Congrats on the mushies. And thanks for the lovely comments and support. I'm a little ove 24 hours out from surgery. It's 3am and not feeling so swell. Sore right now but hope it'll ease up. Can't wait to be out of this phase and feeling better.