Thursday, 16 June 2011

Back at Work...

Well I went back to work for 2 days this week,I have to say I was pretty exhausted after the first day and fortuneately could leave early yesterday. I am off today -Fridays I'm off always so think I will make this my weigh in day. So I got on the scale this morning- 107.6 kg (237 Lbs) Yeh- Thats 10.4 kg(23 lbs) off so far-I am counting from when I started my preop diet-'cos dammit that was all willpower!

Anyway, I am loving mushies- wary and chewing heaps,I can't believe how small my portions are and how they fill me up.Yesterday at work someone was leaving and they had a sushi platter- I didn't have any-not sure that its really mushies and didnt want to have any problems in front of co-workers.One of the doctors I work with and who I had only said Hernia repair when asked why I was off(they are all so nosy!!)-Took a look at me as soon as I walked into the room and asked me outright if I had had a lapband- I said yes I have decided I'm not going to lie if people ask me directly-She said I looked like I had lost a lot of weight.So people are noticing already.

My work pants almost fell off me as I was crossing the road-now I have a safety pin holding them up-I just don't want to buy new ones yet-I can see this is going to become expensive- will have to hunt out some second hand stores to tide me over. I kinda want to see if I can get by till I can fit into regular sizes-as the plus size clothing here is so overpriced.

I have to say that I almost feel normal now-only small tweaks of soreness, moving around well and starting to feel really good about the decision to have this done- for a while after surgery,I was very sad over the fact I couldn't just stuff myself anymore-Weird ,how the mind works eh?

Anyway although I didn't take formal before photos, I found this photo of a camping trip we did in March this year-It still shocks me how big I look in it. I did take measurements and will remeasure every month.

My son has his formal tonight(prom) so its been all about him today so far-We are going to the pre drinks party tonight and then have 2 birthday celebrations to go this weekend so it will go quickly- then its only 4 days till Emma -my daughter and Stan-hubby go to Canada- we are hoping the Volcanic ash has cleared by then-we have been having lots of flights cancelled here because of this.

Ok so hope everyone has a great weekend, Bye for now..


  1. Hi there - I saw you on my followers list - thanks for dropping by! I'm looking forward to following your journey!

  2. Morning Dani! Way to go with getting back to work and hanging in there.

    As for feeling full, I think that's the biggest thing that surprised me is how quickly a small amount of food made me feel satisfied. Also - many of us follow this new theory of "I try to see how little it takes to satisfy me, rather than see how MUCH I can eat." Keep up the great work.